Is it a BIRD….Is it a plane….?

September 10, 2012 in Uncategorized by Jasmin Ganti

NO…it’s Jamin Ganti, the greatest Near Peer to ever walk the face of this earth…..cue applause and gasping!
Everyone that knows me would tell you I have a big smile with a BIG personality. I am a bubbly girl born and raised where “what happens in Vegas stays in Vegas.”…..except me that is! I chose to come all the way to the University of Rochester not only for the amazing flexibility in curriculum but also to experience a world far from the the protective bubble of Mr. and Mrs. Ganti. Now don’t get me wrong, my parents are the reason I am who I have become today but this bird could not wait to leave the nest and prove they raised me beautifully…..across the country. I’d think they would be proud to know this rising senior is a neuroscience major by day but also a stepping maniac and the world’s greatest near peer by night. There are times when I just want to pull my hair out and ask myself “why am I doing this to myself?” My major is to say the least very difficult but is also easily one of the most fascinating and intriguing subjects I have ever studied. But if it weren’t for the amazing support from my friends and especially my siblings……I would probably trade in my Near Peer cape and Major for a long endless date with my bed! I am saying this as a college student and I can only imagine how some of the East High School girls feel when they come to class everyday with probably the same attitude but no support system to rely on. That’s where I come in and I cannot wait to see what new bonds and relationships I will have the opportunity to make with the next generation of smart, young talented girls who’s outlook on science will hopefully become something more of “I can do anything….just like Superman!”