Oct 19

I was observing class today and my CT pulled up a decent biology animations Web site during AP. I thought I would share since it would be pretty useful.

There are some here that might be above what we will teach in a Living Environment class, but there are still some animations that will illustrate concepts pretty well like meiosis, mitosis, DNA replication, osmosis, diffusion, protein structure, and so on. Check it out–>St. Olaf College Animations

An image of the animation of osmosis with the effect of adding salt.

One Response to “Biology Animations Web Site”

  1. April says:

    Love it Jared –

    Can you articulate a number of the affordances that simulations and visualizations can offer? (e.g. individual pacing, repeat trials, what else?)

    Also, what are some varied ways you might make use of them? (e.g. play them on the smart board and invite students to narrate what is happening and why – collaborative.) How else might you use them?

    Thanks for sharing the resource! Is this one of the better such visualization resources you’ve found?